On Tuesday there will be hair styling, makeup applying, high heels wearing (and subsequently tripping and falling) going on by this gal. All because I said to Jenn “Hey, I wanna do a retro photo shoot with you!” At the time I thought it would be a fabulous idea. The inspiration came from this beautiful photo:


Image source

But now that the shoot is just a few days away…boy oh boy am I nervous! That 10 lbs I was supposed to lose? Didn’t happen. Perfect skin? Nuh uh, blemish city. Confidence? Zero. However, I did find a cute retro inspired dress this morning at Target for $20. Not as awesome as the leopard print top above, but I think it will work nicely. My sister and I scored some $8 open toe red high heels at CATO a while back, so hopefully I can stand up in them.

Now I’ve got to give myself a pedicure and dye my hair this afternoon. Wish me luck!