Hello bloggy world. It’s me again. It seems I’ve been on hiatus. Sorry about that. There are a zillion excuses I could make, but I won’t delve into the chaos that is my life. I’ll just say hello again.

I’ve been working on my picture taking and editing skills, wanting desperately to become a Photoshop star overnight and be able to create all these cool pieces of art without studying or practicing. (I’d also like to eat 5,000 calories a day and not gain weight. Thanks.) But as it turns out, no magic fairy is coming to clean my house and none of my projects will get done without rolling my sleeves up and doing them.

So here we have it, a piece of subway art that I ripped off created just minutes ago. You can find the real tutorial here, so I won’t walk you through it. I added James’ life verse to my design because what God taught us through James is that every good and perfect gift is from above. Thank you God for my sweet James!


Now I have to make one for Claire and decide if I want to frame these or modge podge them to a board. Decisions, decisions…

Hope you are having a wonderful day, friends!