…but there have been moments where I’d like to! Over the past couple of months the members of my family have been doing this oh-so-terrible game called “Let’s get sick, then well, then sick, then well…and let’s keep passing it around to each other!” Only me and the dog have managed to avoid the game entirely.

The most recent plague happened over the weekend with James. By the time Monday rolled around, I called the doctor’s office and got us squeezed in at 9:30am. At said doctor’s appointment we discovered that my lethargic lil 3 year old had a 104.8 degree fever. (yikes!) We started oral antibiotics and ibuprofen. On Wednesday, I noticed his outer right ear was caked with a huge amount of wax, and was dripping liquid (and his formally muffled speech suddenly cleared up). A call to the doctor about the burst ear drum and some antibiotic drops for the ear, and now we have a whole drug regimen. Wheee! His ear is still dripping, but at least he seems to feel better.

But we must put all that behind us…today is STAR WARS DAY! Episode I in 3D is out, so we are going to see it. In costume. With light sabers. Our nephew (who has recently joined us in our Star Wars nerdy-ness) is joining us. It should be a good time.

Tomorrow is my Usborne Books Open House. I signed up as a Consultant with this company to score some books for my kiddos and for our local schools & preschools. My love of kids books is still alive and well, and I’m going to bust out some book reviews (Reading Rainbow style) on you, from books we own, library books and Usborne books. Be prepared for awesomeness.