One itty bitty question on one itty bitty page of one book made me examine myself as a Mama and Wife today. Jill Savage asks in her book My Heart’s at Home:

Are you a dream maker or a dream taker when it comes to your spouse and kids?

Hmmmm….good question. Have you had people take your dreams away in the past or the present? Sometimes those dreams are plausible ones and you wish that your loved ones would join in and help make them come true. Others will never happen, but you’d much rather find out on your own than to have Debbie Downer list all the ways you’re going to fail at your dreams.

Do I let my husband and my son find out on their own which ones won’t come true or do I rain on their parades? Do I try to help make some of them come true with the resources I have? If I give honest answers, I sure don’t like those answers.

Today I’m doing a little ‘dream making’ for James. (Perhaps cleaning up the mess afterward will move me one step forward to making Toby’s dream of a clean house come true.) James wants to be a super hero and fight bad guys. So I made him a super hero cape out of materials I already possessed: a t-shirt, scissors, Fabric Fusion glue, a piece of felt and Velcro. Here’s how you can make one too, step by step, easy peasy.

Step 1) Take all the dirty dishes off of your kitchen table and load them into dishwasher. Run dishwasher. Ask yourself why you’ve been putting that off all morning.

Step 2) Grab a t-shirt from your husband’s side of the closet. You may or may not want to tell him you are going to destroy his shirt. That’s totally your call. I gave mine notice.

My hubby's red sleeveless t-shirt

Step 4) Discover that your puppy pooped in the floor by the door while you were getting the t-shirt out of the closet. Question your sanity for bringing home a puppy on Christmas day.

Step 5) Cut a cape shape from the back of the shirt, being careful to go all the way around the front collar, leaving it intact with the rest of the cape. Don’t be a perfectionist, this is not an heirloom that your child will pass down to his kids and grandkids. Just freehand it and let it be what it is. It will be good enough, I promise.

Here's how it looks after you cut it.

*Step 5 & 1/2) Cut a small section of the neck out (based on your kid’s neck size) and use the Fabric Fusion to glue Velcro on the neck straps. You may have cut these Velcro pieces off of packaging that you were about to throw in the trash. Pretend this is because you are so super hip and eco-friendly, not because you are too tired to go to the store and buy Velcro. *ahem*

Attach the Velcro strips to the neck straps.

Step 6) Change the baby’s diaper and nurse her. Question why you didn’t get more accomplished before you had children. If only you knew then what you know now…

Step 7) Print ServingPinkLemonade’s template for the Superman logo. Use this to trace on yellow felt or whatever yellow fabric you have on hand. I’m not gonna judge. If you aren’t making a Superman cape, come up with whatever super hero logo you wish.

Step 8) Use Fabric Fusion to glue the logo onto the cape. After 48 hours, the cape will be washable, according to the bottle. If you prefer to sew the logo on, go for it!

Step 9) Find a cute lil super hero to put your cape on. Try to snap his picture while he’s running circles, pretending to fly and chasing bad guys.

Super James is off to save the day!

What are you waiting for? Go dig in your closet and make your Superman or Supergirl’s dream come true.

****UPDATE: Step 5 & 1/2 was added after a friend pointed out a choking concern. If someone steps on your kids cape, the Velcro will unhook and free your kiddo so he won’t get choked. Good thinking, Judy! You sound like you might have raised 2 rough and tumble boys yourself. ;-)****