Oh yes, dear friends, it’s that time of the year. When everyone kicks into “New Year’s Resolutions” mode. The exercising, healthy eating, home organization, and decorating begins now…and fades sometime in February.

I’m definitely “in mode” and hoping to see lots of projects through to completion. The first project I took on was to do something about my entry way. This just wasn’t working for me anymore.

Nothing says "Welcome to my home" like a pile of random shoes at the front door.

So I pulled a 6 shelf cubbie from James’ bedroom into my entryway. I’m not finished with it, but my budget (of $0) didn’t allow me to buy the coat rack and cute baskets just yet. Nonetheless, I think this re-purposed items setup is much better than the before, don’t you?

A place for shoes, hooray!

After this little project, as I totally re-oriented my living room, I got to thinking about a wall that was just blank. The cabin fever from staying home with sick preschooler and baby and new puppy started to really set in and I decided (on a whim) to create some artwork on the wall. Follow along and I’ll tell you how you can have a little crafty fun on your walls too!

Just an ordinary wall. And a sick kid in his pajamas playing Angry Birds.

First, find a design you like on the interwebs, then modify it to your heart’s desire. Blow it up and print it out. Use some scissors and tape, a little while later you’ll have a pattern to trace around.

Let your kids watch Netflix and hang out while you position your paper pattern.

After you trace your pattern with a pencil, I highly recommend going back over your outline with Sharpie. Do NOT tell anyone that you are writing on your walls with a Sharpie. Just do it. You have my permission.

Outlined with a Sharpie.

Then when you realize you only have red paint for your Cardinal bird (go STL!) and nothing else to paint with, make sure you have a fab.u.lous neighbor next door who will come to your rescue with some brown and black acrylic paints as well as a variety of paint brushes. Extra points if she tells you how awesome she thinks the whole project is. (Love you so much Kristina!)

"I am the vine;

...you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing." John 15:5

And voila, there you have it! Custom art on your living room wall, or wherever you like it. For just a few dollars (or none if you already have the paint and brushes or have a neighbor who does) you can make your house a little prettier.

Finished branch

Much love to my friend Bethany who inspired the branch and the Scripture verse in the first place. You should see her branch on canvas that she painted, soooo adorable!

Also, is it a little bit wrong that I keep thinking about this episode of Portlandia whenever I see my wall? “Hi, I’m Joanna Samples. I put birds on things! See this wall? It needs sprucing up. Put a bird on it!