Thanks to inspiration from Pinterest and having made some gifts for Christmas, one of my New Years Resolutions is to see how many gifts I can make this year for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc.

Muno, Plex & Toodee pillows from Yo Gabba Gabba, made with felt

There’s something so much more intimate and cool about putting hours of work into a gift, rather than purchasing it at a store. Some of the most memorable and favorite gifts that I’ve received in my lifetime have been homemade. If you visit me, I’ll proudly show you the baby quilts, the crocheted blankets and scarves, the handmade jewelry, the art work that people have made for my family.

To kick off this “Year of Homemade Gifts,” here’s a gift I made for my sweet friend Jenn. She loves Hello Kitty, so this cake was perfect.

Hello Kitty Cake

Jenn blowing out the candles

Instead of going to the store to buy something she may already have or not necessarily need/want, my Mama and I tag-teamed on this present. Mama had the cake pan and cake mix, so she baked it and made the icing (isn’t she the best?). Then I decorated the cake and took it to Jenn. For less than $5 of groceries and an afternoon in the kitchen, we made something beautiful and tasty. Hopefully Jenn tasted the love that went into our baking project, because we love her so much!

Next up: Making a cute gift for my niece Myra. I’d love to show you what I found on Pinterest, but it will have to be a secret until after Myra’s birthday (at the end of this month).

Anyone else care to join me? Are you ready to abandon the retail stores and make your own gifts? My birthday is in June…🙂