In November I wrote about how we were doing Christmas on a “shoe thread” budget this year. In case you were wondering how that went, here goes…

My initial assumption was that I needed to make all or most of the presents, so I budgeted $10 per homemade present. To my surprise, thanks to online shopping, there were some great gifts for less than $10 with free shipping or free site-to-store delivery! So that $20 Kre-O Transformers set I had my eye on? One day it was $7 on The Easy Bake Oven that was white and green (instead of the pink and purple ones) clearanced down to $5!

I also snagged some $20 Lego sets on a 2-for-$20 sale, a children’s watch for $3, and even a few add-ins from the Dollar Tree. Magazine subscriptions turned out to be my best friend–these ran me anywhere from $3-$5 for a full year subscription (to magazines like Bon Appetit, Better Homes & Garden, Ladies Home Journal, etc.). I gave away some items that I had purchased from a charity auction and bought some items from local momtrepreneurs.

There were a few homemade gifts here and there. Some pillows made from felt and pillow stuffing and sewing kits for our neighbors that said “I’m ‘sew’ glad we’re neighbors.” I had some of the supplies on hand to make these, and the rest of the items I had to purchase to complete them cost just a few dollars.

Muno, Plex & Toodee pillows from Yo Gabba Gabba

Sewing kit

Hope your Christmas was fun and maybe even frugal!