Important lessons I’ve learned this week:

  • Just because you can leave your contact lenses in 24/7, doesn’t necessarily mean you should.
  • Everyone should keep Benadryl on hand in case of an emergency. Liquid form is best. Asprin is probably a good thing to keep on hand too.
  • After you become a vampire, you instantly get perfect eye shadow and fantastic skin that is free of blemishes. It might be worth it.
  • One of the most beautiful things in life is friendship. My dear friend Melody brought me a dozen of the most beautiful orange roses and took me out on Saturday. I need to have more of these “friend dates” on a regular basis. Thank you Melody for being such a great friend. You teach me how to be a better friend by the way you love me and the way you love others.

Pictures don't come close to showing how gorgeous these flowers are. ❤