Yesterday I went to see Dr. Daugherty, the lady who has been my optometrist for most of my life (from 5 years old to 22 years old, when I established with an optometrist in Champaign). Apparently I have an infection called CLARE (Contact Lens Acute Red Eye). The antibiotics and steroid are helping tremendously, but I can’t wear contacts right now. My glasses are 9 or 10 years old, many prescriptions behind. Have I mentioned my vision is 20/40? I’m blind as a bat.

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This is somewhat of an inconvenience. Driving is off limits, headaches are plaguing me and I’m just cranky when I can’t see anything. But whatever, I’ll suffer through for a few days until I can put my left contact in. As long as nothing goes wrong, it’ll be fine, right?

And then an emergency happens….Toby woke up at 1 am this morning having a horrible allergic reaction. His skin was on fire and itchy, his face began to rapidly swell up like a marshmallow and he felt nauseous. His stomach was wrenched with pain and it wasn’t long until hives whelped up like thousands of heavily scratched mosquito bites over his arms, stomach and back. So he popped a couple of Benadryl, loaded up our kids, then drove us to my brother-in-law and sister’s house. We left James there and my brother-in-law drove us to the emergency room.

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In triage the vomiting began. And the hives got worse. The nurse stopped asking questions and took us back to a room. The only time I got scared during the whole ordeal was when Toby went to the bathroom. On his way back to bed the color drained from his face. He said with a slur “I think I’m going to pass out.” With Baby Claire in my arms I couldn’t catch him so I walked him over to the bed and let him flop on his belly onto the bed. Then I opened our door and called for help from the nurses.

We had awesome, attentive nurses who came to our rescue and explained everything that was going on. And a very nice doctor who went and got Toby a can of Sprite and offered to get me anything I needed. For now we are going to assume it’s a peanut/tree nut allergy until we know for sure what we are dealing with. (Toby had a big ole PB sandwich just before going to bed last night.) He’ll see our doctor of internal medicine on Monday and *hopefully* figure it out from there.

We are so thankful for many things and people:

  • Benadryl, as well as other antihistamines, steroids and IV’s
  • Our brother-in-law for losing several hours of sleep to drive us to the ER & Walgreens
  • My sister for letting James crash on her couch
  • The awesome staff at Carbondale Memorial Hospital who got us in quickly and took great care of us.
  • That Toby is feeling much better. He’s lost 3 lbs (not the most pleasant weight loss method) and desperately needs more sleep, but he looks normal and feels a ton better than he did from 1 am to 5 am!

Boy, do we know how to party all night or what? 😉