Today I am very thankful for my husband’s job. It pays for our shelter and food and allows me to stay home with our children. The icing on the cake is that Toby truly loves what he does. We were blessed by the opportunity to move back to Southern Illinois, something we never even imagined being able to do. There aren’t a ton of job opportunities in this rural area, and very few computer programming careers. We are enjoying having our kids be around their grandparents more, babysitting our nieces and nephews, and going to extended family events.

Another beautiful surprise of Toby’s job here is that he works with some really awesome, caring and fun people. And their wives are even more amazing! I am getting to know these ladies one by one, and love them dearly. One of his coworker’s wives and I are going to see Twilight on Saturday. We’ve never even met in person. She sent me all the Twilight books last year when Toby mentioned to her husband that I was going to see Twilight: Eclipse with my sister and didn’t know what Twilight was all about. How incredibly sweet is that?

Thank You, God, for Toby’s work. I’m so thankful that he works at a great company with great people and enjoys his days there.