Raising children is difficult. Especially if you want to teach your children what your worldview is and the reasons behind that worldview (vs. blind indoctrination, which is so much easier). It’s a beautiful thing to have men and women come up alongside you to help disciple your children. Toby and I are so blessed to have several groups of people who do this. I’ve already mentioned our family at Lakeland, but didn’t mention two very specific, special people of Lakeland: Mrs. Sandy & Mr. Gary.

Lakeland's building where James goes to Sunday School

Mrs. Sandy is James’ Sunday School teacher. I wish I had a picture of this beautiful lady. She prepares her lesson, games and crafts with excellence every week so faithfully, even during the time period when James was her only student! She sends my big boy lots of post cards in the mail. I know James gets so much out of her class because he recalls Bible verses and detailed stories weeks after he’s learned them.

Mr. Gary is the co-teacher. He isn’t there every week because he is a fire fighter and has to work one Sunday a month. I know Mr. Gary is making a big impression on James because my sweet son wants to be a fire fighter when he grows up. Both Mr. Gary and Mrs. Sandy show our family love in incredible ways.

Another person who I gotta give mad props to is, Mrs. Andrea, James’ AWANA teacher at Third Baptist Church in Marion.

Myra, Mrs. Andrea, James

Really, all the teachers and helpers at AWANA are amazing, but Mrs. Andrea enthusiastically leads the Cubbies (3 & 4 year olds) while 9 months pregnant. James has been memorizing his verses like crazy, plus they do a “total time teaching” hour each Sunday night that basically means every lesson, every craft, every thing they do in the class room corresponds to teaching them what their Bible verse means and how to apply it.

There are more people in our life who deserve thanks, but I have to end here for now. Thank you, dear friends. Thank You, God, for making our paths cross at the right time and place.