The bad news is that Toby and I didn’t save up enough cash for Christmas this year. I’d love to blame it on all kinds of circumstances, but the reality is we made choices that did not include saving up for gifts. Even though Christmas comes on the same day every year.

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The good news is that since we don’t take out debt for gifts, this is forcing me to be creative! When you can’t afford a shoe string budget, you go for the shoe thread budget–paying pennies for supplies that will create beautiful or tasty things that hopefully mean more to the recipient than all the dollars in the world.

My Mama had her own “shoe thread” season of life–she used to make the most decadent desserts (coconut candy, divinity, dipped pretzels, cookies, pies, cakes, etc.) for Christmas presents. Teachers, neighbors and friends raved about them. They looked forward to her home baked gifts each year.

How about you? Are you on a super tight Christmas budget? How do you do Christmas on a shoe string or even a thread?