Dear Claire,

My sweet little rainbow baby–you are 3 months old now! At 14 lbs you are a chunky little girl. So adorable! Daddy, James & I are in love with you. Life in our house changed so much when you were born. Until you came along, I had no idea how fun it could be to give a baby a bath. You splash, smile and giggle the entire time and only cry when we take you out of the water.

You giggle when Mama tickles you under your chin. The little squeaks that we think are you “talking” to us are the greatest sounds. There’s so much to cherish about you, from your crazy thick hair (someday you’ll blame Mama for inheriting this) to your sweet personality. Family, friends and even strangers we meet are charmed by your great smiles.

I often praise God for you. I’m so honored to be your Mama. You are my sunshine, my little Claire Bear, a good and perfect gift from God.

Thank You, God for Claire. She’s a gracious gift that I don’t take for granted.