This morning thegoodenoughmama is at home, tackling an organization project that is long overdue–the pantry. My kitchen is far from Martha Stewart perfection. I’m ok with that, but right now it’s not even good enough. It’s just sad and dysfunctional. None of us knows where anything is, which causes us to eat out more often instead of cooking our own meals.

I took a picture (with my iPhone) of the piles of food and miscellaneous items I found while digging everything out of there. My first reaction was “Oh good grief! I’m so disorganized that I have 3 partially used syrup bottles in my pantry. That’s ridiculous.”

Then as I took a FB break, I noticed a status update from the lovely delivery nurse who was with me through the labor and birth of Claire. It said:

November is thankful month. Every day in the month of November, I’m going to post something I’m thankful for. Some may be silly…some may be sad. Some may be sweet…some may be serious. They’re all sincere. (Thanks L.W.D. for this idea. We should all realize how lucky we are and be grateful.)

That status update washed over me. It hit me that I do not deserve such a peaceful life. None of us do. The fact that I am rich enough to have 3 partially used bottles of syrup sitting in my pantry is a merciful gift from God.

My children don’t go hungry at night. I don’t worry about going without food–I worry about us getting cavities from all the sweets we indulge in. There is heat in my home that I adjust with a button. We own 2 cars and put gas in them every week. We are among the richest 1% of everyone in the whole world. If you are reading this blog in the United States on your laptop using your own high speed internet right now, you are probably in the top 1% richest in the world too. Go enter your family’s salary here and find out. That $250 I spent on my iPhone would’ve been enough to set up 3 new mobile health clinics to care for AIDS orphans in Uganda.

What a gut check, right?

So Thank You, God, for those 3 bottles of partially used syrup. Thank You for putting me and my family in a country and a job where our bellies our full every day. Help me to remember that and to do something, for Your sake, about those whose bellies are hungry.