My friend Jennifer needed a home makeover. I mean, her house was cute and all, with her fall decorations and beautiful mums…

The "Before"

But if you were just driving down the street and you saw the home of these Texas natives, you might think they were Rangers fans…and that’s just not cool in Southern Illinois. So my sister, nephew and I joined forces to help Jennifer and her family fit in. Aren’t we so sweet? 😉

The "After"

My 8 year old nephew made this sign

No Rangers fans

My sis freehanded the sign on the door. It looks AMAZING in person!

Let's go Cardinals, let's go! Clap clap!

So, how’d we do? Did you like our ‘makeover’?

**Please don’t shoot us Jennifer. It was all in fun. And you love us. And you won’t feel the need to seek revenge, right? (gulp)**