Just two weeks ago, my hubby and I started our home makeover with this grey canvas:

The "Before"

Then I painted the shutters and light fixtures which added a lot of character to the house. But it still needed something to draw your eye to the entrance, some pop of color that would shout “Look at me! Come on in! You’re welcome here!”  Several coats of Cherry Tart Behr paint gave us this:

BAM! Red door.

We still have lots of work left to do…fixing bare patches of grass, adding (lots of) landscaping, painting and fixing the lamp post. But holy moly, what a big impact we’ve already made with a little bit of paint! Those other “fixes” will just have to wait until spring. *I think I feel a spring edition of Exterior Home Makeover blog series coming in March.*

So, what does it look like all together? All together now, all together now….

The "After"

We love it so much. And we’ve gotten such great feedback from our neighbors and random strangers walking past our house. It feels nice to make big progress so quickly.

In case you’re wondering, the break down of the costs are as follows.

2 Cans of Rustoleum Flat Black Paint for Light Fixtures: $7 + tax
5 Cans of Rustoleum for Plastic Black Paint for the Shutters: $25 + tax
Other Supplies (Bucket, Water, Magic Eraser, Paper Towels): Already had in my house
1 Quart Behr Paint + Primer: $17 + tax
High quality paint brush, Roller kit, Paint tray: $16 + tax

Approximate Total Makeover Cost: $65 + tax

What do you think? Was it worth $65 and some manual labor?

The "Before"

The "After"