Did you ever watch Bob Ross when you were a kid? He mesmerized me. At the beginning of each painting, I was sure that the canvas was ruined. Oh no, how on earth is he going to make anything beautiful out of this? It’s a mess! Yet he always made something gorgeous out of the painting by the end of the show. *Happy trees…*

Jenn, J Fortune Photography

I have my own, prettier version of Bob Ross in my neighborhood. Her name is Jenn and she uses a camera to make her beautiful portraits. She can look at chaos and find the beauty in it. With her chill, Hawaiian demeanor and her bubbly outlook, she will come in and blow you away with her creativity.

My sister took her youngest daughter in for a session a couple of weeks ago, and sweet lil Liza fussed and cried through the whole shoot. But somehow Jenn managed to capture a dozen or so gems like the one below. I sure can’t tell from the photos that Liza was anything but happy and sweet.

Jenn did my maternity photos as well as my sweet little Claire’s newborn photos. Both sessions were completely incredible. We had so much fun! We laughed and played during the photo shoots, and cried a few sweet tears when we saw how beautiful the pictures came out. You can’t imagine how many “awwwww, these are so precious!” comments we got from the photo people in Walgreens.

Last week we went to Cannon Park to get some family photos. I worked for hours beforehand, recruiting neighbors to babysit my children so I could get go to a salon for a hair cut & style, I painted my nails, scrubbed the baby and the big boy, got us all dolled up, bribed the 3 year old with a Happy Meal….and then boom, the messy canvas exploded. Baby Claire couldn’t stop pooping, dear husband had to take an important phone call just as the lighting was perfect (trying to catch that sweet sunset light), and James would. not. cooperate. at. all.

To be honest, I was ready to fire my family and hire a new one. Jenn just laughed and said “It’s ok, we’ll retake them if they don’t turn out the way you want them. I want you to be happy with the photos.” But Toby and I were exhausted from the first round, how on earth would we survive a second?

Somehow our dear, sweet, patient photographer managed to save us from doing retakes at all. She fished these beauties (plus many more) out of the wreckage. And you know what? We’re not perfect in these photos, we are good enough. This is truly a glimpse of life with my crazy, wonderful, chaotic, loveable family. Thanks for capturing that Jenn. Thanks for seeing us as we are and finding beauty in that. You’ll never know how special these photos are to this Mama.

You can check out more of Jenn’s photos and pricing at the J Fortune Photography website.

**J Fortune Photography did not pay me to write this review. All the opinions and Bob Ross comparisons are mine. If PBS would like to follow Jenn around and film a show of her life as a photographer, the Samples family would definitely watch it.**