This morning I woke up to find clear skies and black shutters waiting for me. So lovely.

I knew they would turn out good, but this good? Jump back! **Have I mentioned that they made a new Footloose? Or that it seems to be a hybrid of 1984’s Footloose and 1987’s Dirty Dancing? Or how I just know it can’t possibly be as good as the original, but I’ll still end up watching it anyway?** End rant. Ahem. Continuing on

My house already is getting some much needed character from the shutters and light fixtures. What’s that? You can’t remember what the white shutters and fixtures used to look like? Yeah, me neither. So here’s a reminder.

The "Before"

…and here’s how it is slowly shaping into what will soon be an “After.”

*sigh* I’m loving it already and we’re not even done!

2 Cans of Rustoleum Flat Black Paint for Light Fixtures: $7 + tax
5 Cans of Rustoleum for Plastic Black Paint for the Shutters: $25 + tax
Other Supplies (Bucket, Water, Magic Eraser, Paper Towels): Already had in my house

Approximate Total Makeover Cost So Far: $32 + tax

Next up on Exterior Home Makeover: Part III will be a painted door. And hopefully someone will cut that pitiful grass. Toby? James? Bueller? Bueller? (Check off yet another 80’s movie reference.)