My life has been crazy lately. Between caring for my lil chubby, squeaky, bundle of snuggly goodness, babysitting, organizing playdates and getting back in shape, I lost motivation to blog. So sorry to leave you high and dry, dear readers.

So here’s a new idea that my lil brain came up with this morning: starting a new series called “The Best _____ You Don’t Know About.” When on the hunt for a product or place, I’m always itching to know the best quality/price/experience possible, and I hate having to go through the pain of finding that out the hard way. I love when friends clue me in. So consider these posts as your friend letting you in on her secret places and things and services.

Would you help me in this? Send me some suggestions for places, products or services (preferably local) that I can promote. Leave comments or send me an email joannasamples at gmail dot com any time you think of something I could write about.