..well, a theoretical one anyway. She’s definitely not physically able to run after being hit by a semi truck. Rather, her recovery is a marathon–not a sprint. I wish that I could report to you that Ellen is up and about, doing all the normal things that a mama of four needs to do, but she’s not. And she probably won’t be up to that for a long time.

However, when you come away from an accident where the outcome could’ve been death, the injuries and recovery don’t seem as bad as they really are. Ellen is kissing her babies and telling everyone how thankful she is to God for His grace to her in this situation. We are laughing about how her Mary Kay makeup stayed on so perfectly despite the blood, injuries and shattered pieces of glass all over her. We are praising God for my sister’s life and her testimony. She can say with a sincere heart that she was ok no matter what happened last week because she has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

So when someone asks “How is your sister doing?”, I’m not really sure how to answer. Are her injuries real and terrible? Yes. Is it going to take a lot of time, effort and doctors visits/medicine/physical therapy before she is healed? I’m sure it will. Is she going to push through this marathon of recovery? Absolutely, she will.

Stay tuned for a guest post from Ellen in the near future. She’d love to share with you what God has taught her in the midst of this season in her life.