Sometimes there are moments in your life that make you hug your babies and praise God for His grace and mercy. I had one of those moments yesterday. It started with a phone call from a total stranger.

Hi, this is Hillary. You don’t know me, but your sister has been in a car accident. She’s conscious and I think she’s going to be ok, but it was a really bad accident…


My sister was driving the silver van. Photo courtesy of

A semi truck rear ended my sister at a stoplight on Rt. 13 yesterday afternoon. Here’s an article about the accident. By the grace of God, she did not have her children with her and she made it through the experience with only minor injuries. It could’ve been so much worse. The semi truck driver wasn’t wearing his seat belt and is currently in St. Louis. He is paralyzed from the neck down and on a breathing machine.

There are so many things to be thankful for and so many to be in prayer for right now. I’m praising the Lord that my sister had a gash in her head and glass all over her–hopefully nothing more than those injuries. I’m also praying that the semi truck driver knows Jesus as his Lord and Savior, as he may not live much longer.

For now I sit here snuggling with my 2 week old baby and letting my 3 year old big boy play a Wii game. There are lots of things I *should* be doing today, but I think I’ll let those things go while I spend time with my family and pray.