Our smiley girl

It seems that 2 weeks have flown by, and somehow I haven’t found the energy/time/patience/brain power to keep up with posting on this blog. My sincerest apologies for the lack of posting on life in the Samples household. Here’s the Reader’s Digest version:

  • Claire is a good and perfect gift from God. Doesn’t the smile in the picture above just make you wanna snuggle that little bundle of goodness?
  • Big brother James has been having some melt downs, but overall he’s handling the change really well. He counts Claire’s fingers and toes, turns her swing on for her, he even brushed sister’s hair yesterday. So cute!
  • My recovery is going very well! I have lost 22 lbs and am able to drive myself places, get around the house by myself, and feel fairly good. Totally different experience from the postpartum experience with James.
  • Toby and I aren’t getting a lot of sleep, but we’re getting much more than we ever got with James, so we’re feeling pretty good about that. Definitely not walking around like zombies, and that’s a huge blessing.
  • Our family, church family and neighbors are amazing. They have cleaned our house, done our laundry, held our baby, made our big boy feel special, and brought us meals. I won’t comment any more on this or I will cry like a baby. Let me just say, thank you. We feel so loved.
  • Claire just hit the “fussy stage” and I’m even beginning to wonder if she may have acid reflux. You should’ve seen how much she puked today. I’m going to make sure she sleeps in her newborn sleeper (which is at an angle for babies with acid reflux) instead of sleeping flat and see how that goes.
  • It’s embarrassing just how many documentaries and old TV shows we have watched on Netflix in the past 2 weeks. I’m currently in the middle of a 6 part mini series called “The Kennedys” (Greg Kinnear and Katie Holmes star as JFK & Jackie, interestingly enough). Hoping to finish the rest of the episodes of “Cheers” in the near future too. šŸ™‚