When life feels like it is getting chaotic, its great to take a few steps back in time. My Sister, my Mama, Me and our Kiddos got a beautiful opportunity to do that this morning. We went to visit my Great Aunt Fern. Fern has one of those houses that just makes you wanna stay there for hours so you can find out all the stories about all the things she has collected over the years.

Except this 39 week pregnant lady couldn’t stay there for hours because there is no air conditioning. My feet were crazy swollen by the time we left!

Picture by Owen, my 8 y o nephew

Fern is an inviting person and leads a simple lifestyle. Even though she’s about to turn 92 (in September) she still remembers all of our names, faces, and how we’re all related. She doesn’t even care if you aren’t related, you’re still welcome at Aunt Fern’s house.

The neighbor's dog lounging on Fern's porch

When we arrived she had just come inside from pulling weeds. I pray that at 91 I’m still pulling weeds, cooking, cleaning and crocheting baby gifts for all the babies in my life. Yes, I got a sneak peek at the pink booties, hat, and dress that are in the works for Baby Claire. So cute!

Beauty all around us

It was a treat to walk around her yard and look across the road to the farm my Daddy used to own when we were growing up. I could’ve sat there for hours and just relaxed, if it weren’t for the kids and the heat that is.

Sit a spell and relax

The kids seemed to enjoy exploring and us grown ups had a good time talking with Fern about her life. She moved to this home in 1948 and had home births with all her children. It cost $50 per delivery for the doctor to come deliver them.

Great Aunt Fern holding Liza

Along with other bits of advice (as Fern is famous for dispensing) she told us today that “When a woman is nursing a baby and her husband is out huntin’, that’s when a man is really happy.”

Love that old broad.