The resting and relaxing today didn’t last so long. I’m still in this frenzied nesting mode where my house just has to get in order.  The dishes and laundry need finishing and the rest of the house needs some picking up, but let’s begin with hanging things in James & Claire’s sleeping room, shall we?

Joanna 6-7-84

This is a wall hanging that a sweet lady named Linda made for me when I was a baby. This hung in the room my sister and I shared for as long as I can remember. I grew up thinking that the embroidered mama was my own Mama, of course, and I was the baby.  Most likely Linda crafted this before I was born, then added my name and birth date soon after. This is so precious because although I have virtually no memories of this person in real life, she was dear to my family (she taught my siblings piano lessons at very young ages). We are now friends on Facebook.

It makes me very teary to think of all of you sweet people in Central Illinois who are so precious to me and my Sweet Baby James. James won’t remember the experiences he had with you when he’s all grown up, but I will cherish them always.

Claire's bow holder

A sweet new friend of ours here in Southern Illinois made this adorable bow holder for Claire. Isn’t it darling? She makes tutus, bow holders and bows. You can visit her Facebook page to learn more. Can’t wait to see my little girly girl with a bow in her hair! She should have enough hair to put into it if she’s anything like her brother.

James 3 months

This is James’ 3 month picture that we had taken at Portrait Innovations at Marketplace Mall. He’s either flying, or trying to do a toilet paper ad. All I can say is…look at all those chins! Good thing we love baby fat rolls around our house. 🙂