Dear James,

It is an honor and privilege to be your Mama. I’m in awe of the little man that you are becoming. I used to call you my Sweet Baby James, but now you call yourself Little Big Boy James.

Little Big Boy James

Over 3 years ago your Daddy and I were in the hospital, just trying to get you to come out, praying that you’d be ok. You gave us quite the scare. But we’d go through every dramatic moment again if that’s what it took to get you–you are worth it.

Each day we get to know you more and more. Sometimes we get lost in the challenge of that, but it’s still a fun journey. Did you know that you are a wild and crazy kid? Life with you is never dull, not for a minute.

Crazy Dancing

Pretty soon we’ll all be meeting your Little Sister. What a joy it will be to watch you become a Big Brother! You love her already and are so sweet to talk to Baby Claire and feel her kick. We thought you would get to be a big brother when you were 2 years old, but our sweet baby died before you got to meet him or her. You were so sad that there was no baby in Mama’s tummy anymore. We’re so thrilled that God has given us this special gift of another sweet baby now that you are 3 years old. You tell everyone you meet about your Little Sister.

Big Brother James

Words can’t describe how much your Daddy and I love you. We’re so glad that God gave us you. Thank you for being just who you are.