New couch, or new-to-us anyway

Since the move to the new house, I’ve been wanting to swap out our 90’s Americana couch and 80’s brown floral couch for a new couch, preferably a sectional with a chaise. It was going to take us months to save for such a purchase, which was fine–we’ve never actually bought a new couch before. We always take hand me downs, pick up furniture off of curbs, buy from Goodwill, or scour Craigslist because we don’t make purchases that cause us to go into debt. Well, except for that whole mortgage thing, of course.

A view from behind

We feel so blessed that a dear friend of my sister’s was willing to give us their 8 year old couch when they got their new couch in. What a generous gal Lori is! This sectional is still in fabulous condition so they could’ve sold it for hundreds of dollars on Craigslist, but they chose to give it away instead.

Lori loves baby snuggling, so maybe Claire can pay her back with snuggles in a month or two?