Was your 4th of July full of crazy fun or relaxation? My family got a bit of both. It started off rainy and dark in Southern Illinois, but the afternoon was full of sunshine and warmth. James and I spent some time swimming in cousin Brett’s pool.

Swimming with James

So proud of this little guy and how far he has come! By evening he was hanging onto a raft and kicking himself around the pool with no adults hanging on to him. So cool to watch him take off on his own.

As always, there was LOTS of good food. My extended family cannot have any kind of get together without an overabundance of amazing food. James and I dipped strawberries in white chocolate and blue sugar, and then made red, white and blue kabobs.

Red, white and blue kabobs

It’s beginning to hit me that I’m in the homestretch of my pregnancy. Claire was kicking like crazy while I did laps around the pool. My big belly just barely fit into my new maternity swim suit and I’m hoping that means I’m not going to grow outward anymore, that baby girl begins to make her way down into position soon. Or I’ll have to go buy a tent to wear!

35 weeks 4 days, squeezing into swimsuit

We didn’t attend a big fireworks production this year, but we saw a few that were shot off in our neighborhood. They weren’t Perfect, but they were definitely Good Enough. šŸ™‚