Why yes, yes they can. If you find the right project for them to participate in. And give them lemonade as a reward afterward. I belong to a Meetup group for Southern Illinois Parents & Kids and we really wanted to do something for our community. Less than a week after we moved to Herrin, this lovely lady showed up on my doorstep.

Patti Herrera, Activities Director for Helia Healthcare

She and a coworker came to check out our rummage sale, but little did they know that God sent them to me to help us find our community service project! We immediately began to put our noggins together and brainstorm some ideas for our kiddos to make the elderly residents of Helia Healthcare (a nursing home just minutes from my house) smile. Our first project was to chalk their sidewalk yesterday morning.

Myra chalking the sidewalk

A  few of the residents came outside and chatted with us as we showed our artistic, um, talents. Hearts, stars, trees, suns, baseballs, we drew them all. After 30 minutes of drawing and no more space left to chalk, Patti brought us some lemonade. Then we took a walk through the nursing home to say hello to more residents. At the end of a hallway we discovered lots and lots of birds!

Birds, birds and more birds

The baby birds were the cutest. Ok, except for our kids. They were really the cutest of all. The little ones all seemed to have a great time just being themselves, chalking it up and hamming it up. The response we received from the residents and workers was very positive and we hope to do this again very soon. And I hope to take more pictures of cute children in front of this brick wall when we do.

Jake is hangin' tough