As I’ve said before, it’s easy for me to get discouraged in my job as a Mother. And society is no help either. When I tell people I’m a SAHM (stay at home mom) I get a wide range of reactions. Everything from “Oh, you’re so lucky to get to stay home” to “So you don’t work?” A woman who knew me throughout my educational career actually told my mother:

“I can’t believe Joanna is a homemaker. I was just sure she’d accomplish big things in her life.

Oh yes, dear friends, I was voted most likely to succeed in my Senior class and graduated as the Valedictorian. Reading and learning were so important to me, and I even set out to become a Computer Engineer. (Somehow I ended up with a Math degree and a Spanish degree instead.) I was going to Be Somebody. *Cue Steve Martin*

And then a little baby came along even sooner than we had hoped. (FYI: if a doctor tells you that it will probably take you 2 years to get pregnant, that doesn’t actually mean it will take you 2 years. In fact, it can happen really, really fast. Just so ya know.) A sweet bundle of goodness named James changed me from being a recent college graduate looking for a career to “just a mom.”

Because wiping a runny nose doesn’t typically require me to use the knowledge I gained from Calculus III or Physics, some days I feel like a failure. But it’s encouraging to know that there are other Mamas out there who have struggled with the same feelings and have made it to the other side. For some inspiration, please read this short post by Ana White called Becoming Somebody. If you are anything like me, you’ll need some kleenex by the end of the post. You’re welcome.