Oh friends, this Mama was in desperate need of rejuvenation! Exhaustion and crabbiness have been hitting me lately and I was in that whole what-the-heck-were-we-thinking-we-can’t-have-another-baby panic mode. Until last night, that is.

Chair Massage from Becca

The Spa Baby Shower started off fab-u-lous-ly for me, with a really great chair massage. After that, I didn’t even care that my windows were dirty or that no one could find anything in my messy cabinets. I was very relaxed.

Spa Baby Shower at My House

Yummy Food

Girly Girl Stuff

It was a really fun night of toe nail painting, eating, laughing, praying, eating some more, oohing and aahing, baby holding, and more eating.

Sweet Charlotte

I really needed that grown-up time. I needed the sweet prayers of Godly women over me and my family. And I definitely needed two pink rubber duckies. Aren’t they so cute?

Pink Ducky Love