When I was pregnant with James, I had random friends and family take snapshots of me throughout the pregnancy because I love photos. I never went to a professional though, due to money restraints. This time around I didn’t plan on going to a professional photographer either, but a very generous friend of mine donated a free photo session to the Going Going Ghana Auction, and I won it! I gave half of her normal sitting fee (which is already inexpensive to begin with) to my friend’s mission trip, and got a wonderful photo session out of it.

Extra bonus, the sweet gal who took our photos is practically our neighbor. I had no idea! Can’t wait to hang out with her more. She is still somewhat of a newbie to photography, but she’s amazing already. James had the best time being her little model. When I got home and she had already posted a few of the pictures, tears filled my eyes. Now I’m just left wondering, why didn’t I get professional photos taken when I was pregnant with James???

Happy Mama waiting on Claire

Already love her

Sweet boy, sweet flower

Love these kids of mine

James loves his sister

Kisses for Claire

Play that ukelele!

Funny faces