When your house is still in the midst of unpacking chaos, the little things that are starting to come together are just delightful. Even if they have fingerprints and dust all over them, the fact that they are not in a box somewhere is just divine. Forgive the grainy pics that are to follow. My camera battery is dead and the charger is in a box somewhere, so I used my iPhone. (See, what did I tell ya?)

Our Family Motto

The Samples family goal is to make 1 Corinthians 10:31 our motto. I fail at this, oh every 3 seconds or so. But it is the desire of this little family to try to live this out to the best of our abilities with everything we have. Including our new house.

TV Armoire

This is my sanity saver. Most of the time we keep our TV and DVD mess all shut away in this pretty armoire. But when I can’t take anymore “Hold me, Mama, hold me, hold me, hold me….” and I have to get something accomplished, we let DJ Lance entertain James. *singing* There’s a party in my tummy, so yummy, so yummy…


This little guy is my new doorstop between the master bedroom and bathroom. He is really quirky. He has no eyes. I’m considering naming him Trumpkin. Unless you can help me come up with a better name, that is. Still trying to convince my husband that having a garden gnome inside our house does not make me a candidate for a mental hospital. There are lots of other reasons why I could use a stay in a mental hospital, but those are discussions for another day. (I will confess, being in a drug induced sleep sounds amazing right now.)