Just over 2 weeks ago, my husband and I bought our second home. Our first home sold exactly one year ago, and we are thrilled/slightly nervous about being homeowners again. Let me tell ya, moving when you are between 30 and 32 weeks pregnant is insane. Less insane than moving with a newborn (or so I hear) but crazy nonetheless.

In the midst of the chaos and unpacking, I’d like to spend this week sharing with you some of my favorite things about our new home. The first of my favorite things aren’t things at all, but people. Specifically the people who made this move possible for us. I can’t possibly fit them all in, but here are a few.

Our inspector, John Fowler, was really crucial in our decision to walk away from a foreclosure property in a nearby town. He was thorough, honest and just plain cool. I mean, when else will I get to look at an infrared camera to see how good or bad the insulation behind a wall is? He was like our very own Mike Holmes. Only with a dry ice gun. Also very cool.

Celia Robertson, h2h realty

This lovely lady is our realtor. I called her when I was interested in the first property. After we walked away from it, I sent Celia a couple of listings that I liked (already sold, but good examples) and described what we were looking for. She talked to a contractor and found a foreclosure in a neighboring town, but still in the school district I wanted. This one was a much nicer quality house and a cosmetic flip rather than a moldy mess. Guess what I told her? No way, not even interested in looking. (My sincerest apologies to those of you who live in Herrin. I had an unfair stereotype of your town in my head.) So glad my dear hubby had the wisdom to go despite my protests. He called me from the master closet and said “You’re going to want this house. Celia really gets us and what we want.”

Dave Sipe, Awesome Painter Guy

When you’re 7 mos pregnant, and you can’t paint your house, who ya gonna call? DAVE SIPE! Ok, you don’t have to be pregnant, just in need of a quality painter. Although he is a professional dry wall/painter guy who has been in the business for years, this is not his day job. I can’t tell you how psyched I was that his schedule worked out just perfectly to come paint my house! He and his team fixed the really jacked up walls in this house in less time than a trip to the hardware store to buy the materials. Then they painted the bedrooms, hallways, office, living room, kitchen and dining room quickly and beautifully. In 2 days they got done what would’ve taken me at least a week, and they did a much better job of it!

Thank you to these great professionals for doing high quality jobs. And thank you to the unnamed others who helped me clean, moved our stuff, babysat our son and supported our decisions, while keeping good humor about the whole situation while I stressed out about, oh, everything.