This really great friend of mine in Central Illinois is going on a mission trip to Ghana. In November she, along with a team of other amazing people, will be going to work on Lake Volta with trafficked children and also at The Village of Life with formerly trafficked children who now have a home, family and education. (When I say trafficked, I’m talking about sex trafficking. Let that one sink to the pit of your stomach for just a moment.)

Help kids just like these!

I’m so proud of my friend for sacrificing her time and energy to go there, to a hard place. Want to help her help these children? She’s hosting an online auction to raise money for the trip and The Village of Life. There are lots of great things you can bid on, starting this Thursday, June 16th at 5:30pm CST. ALL of the money goes to this cause because ALL the items were donated.

Check out the auction items here. Go ahead and like the facebook page and you’ll be all set to participate in the auction on Thursday. Thank you!