…because Good Enough is the new Perfect.

I love lovely things. Really, I do. I swoon over awesome home design, well-behaved children, perfect hair days, delicious home-made food, perfectly manicured lawns, stacks of (organized) books to read, and alone time with my prince charming. But the birds didn’t wake me this morning and there was no breakfast in bed. Instead, my day started by almost catching my kitchen on fire and filling the house with smoke. True story.

I’m a homemaker by choice. It’s a dirty job and not glamorous. at. all. But I believe that God has called me to it. I’m raising babies (ok, one big boy and one baby girl on the way), decorating and unpacking a new home, learning about photography, organizing play dates, cooking and cleaning. As much as I want to seem perfect at these things, I’m very far from it!

So this is me, letting go of Perfect and embracing Good Enough. Won’t you join me on my journey?