**Disclaimer: I am not being paid a single penny for this post. However, if dailymile decides that I am spectacular and they want to buy me a car or a house or something, I will kindly accept it. Mostly I just wanted to share my thoughts on their website with you.**

In April, a friend of mine talked me into logging my running via a social training log called dailymile. At first I resisted because, frankly, who needs to remember another password? But when I went to their website, I saw that I could log in with facebook. And it would automatically post my updates to facebook if I wanted it to.

The thing that sucked me in was the community. You quickly find others in your area who are working on similar fitness goals, and they really encourage you in your training. Think of it as a virtual pat on the back.

I also have to confess that the nerd in me loves seeing my stats. For instance, I ran/walked 42 miles in the month of July. The farthest run was 6.03 miles. The fastest pace was 9 min 16 secs. Since April I’ve logged 113 miles, which is the equivalent of burning off about 90 donuts!!!

Now the only thing that dailymile is missing is a kickbutt iPhone app. Maybe we could all sign a petition…Anyway, my point is that I really love dailymile. So much that I put a widget on this blog. The end.