Yesterday I ran the Williamson County 5k. Since it was the inaugural race for the Williamson County Fair, only 65 participants competed and I managed to place 2nd in the Female 20-29 Division. It was really nice to win something. My 2 year old kept saying “A trophy Mom! You have a trophy!”

Despite the crazy heat from the previous week, it was actually a very cool morning with a light breeze. Absolutely PERFECT running weather. A sweet friend and motivator from church (see Kerry below) came with a coworker to walk the race. These positively adorable gals have convinced me to run the Apple Festival 5k next month.

There were other wonderful surprises at this event too. My Uncle Jerry came to run the 5k. It was his very first race. I am so proud of him and will try to convince him to run another soon. 🙂

At each mile of the race there were water stations manned by volunteers from the Third Baptist Church of Marion. I refused the water at Mile 1, planning to get some water at Mile 2. Imagine my surprise at Mile 2 when I hear a familiar, “Heyyyyyyy!” and I look up to see my cousin Brett and his beautiful wife Amy holding out a cup for me.

(This is my Uncle Jerry on the left, and my cousin-in-law Amy on the right.)

It was a great day. My husband and I celebrated our 6th anniversary, had a beautiful morning at the race, and ordered matching iPhone 4’s in the afternoon. How much more romantic can you get? 😉