According to the Cannonball Run website:

“The Greensboro Cannonball Run will be a 13.1 mile course with the Start/Finish located at Greensboro Country Park. The event will include something for everyone!”

Isn’t that annoyingly chipper? Or is it just me, since I’m facing the daunting task of running 13.1 miles? Ok, just checking. (Did I mention that I registered for this half marathon? Well, I registered for this half marathon. Now you know.)

Training is going pretty well…except for the whole blisters on my feet thing. Yes, cotton socks ARE satanic and, yes, I’ve finally dished out the cash for some good running socks. And the getting up early thing hasn’t been a cakewalk. I’m officially done with Physical Therapy appointments, but continuing the exercises on my own. My body feels so much stronger now!

In addition, I joined the River to River Running Club. This morning I ran with a very nice couple who are both members of the club. Next week I’m planning to run with some ladies on my usual route. It’s so encouraging to have others around you who are just as insane as you are. Really, it makes me feel much better about my commitment to torture my lungs. 🙂

Just in case you are wondering, the picture above is actually last year’s Cannonball Run. You’ll have to wait until at least October 16th to see this year’s race, with me somewhere near the back of the photo. You’re welcome.