Happy National Running Day everyone! I must confess that I did not know such a holiday even existed until this morning. Disappointingly, I ran yesterday so today is my rest day. To celebrate this day there are a few things I am doing today.

1) Printing out, filling out, then mailing my application to join the River to River Runners group. Hopefully I’ll connect with other runners so we can motivate each other.

2) Making a running plan that will take effect the very minute the physical therapist clears me to start training for a half marathon.

3) Sharing with you my first running experience that I had after moving to Carterville.
I put James in the jogging stroller and convinced myself that it was time to get back in the running groove. Feeling less-than-confident, I pushed the stroller down Greenbriar Rd simply because it has a decent sidewalk and it leads to the park. It was St. Patricks day, and unbeknownst to me, a man in his 70’s wearing a green “I’m Irish” t-shirt was sitting on his front porch. As I jog past him he yells encouragement to me, “Go mama go!!!” A huge smile spread across my face and I craned my neck to find the person who was rooting for me. I yell “Thanks!” and he yells back “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!” as I continue on my journey to the park. My eyes welled up just a bit and I will always fondly remember that kindness from a stranger, the right words at the right time that lifted my spirits.

Now go out and celebrate today with a run or a walk!