Despite my lack of consistent posting, my running has become pretty consistent lately. So much so, that I am very seriously considering making a commitment to run a half marathon in October. In the meantime, I have registered for a 5k and am checking out a 10k.

It has been a joy to reconnect with many old friends in Southern Illinois, one of whom has been running with me once a week. I cherish those times because the run goes by so quickly when you have sometime to talk and laugh with. Although, one day she made me laugh so hard I almost fell over. That’s pretty dangerous, Katie. You should stop being so funny. 😉

Sometimes I run with James and my niece, Myra, in a jogging stroller. Try pushing a combined 75 lbs while you run and see if that doesn’t make your arms stronger! Then other times I actually run alone. This has been much needed meditation and prayer time. What a wonderful opportunity to pray for the people around me as I run by fishermen, people walking for fitness, moms and kids heading to the playground and bored teenagers who just come to the park to have some where to hang out.

Once I figure out what races I’m doing this summer/fall, I’ll keep you posted. Promise!

P.S. Thanks to consistently running and healthy eating, I’ve lost 7 lbs in 3 weeks. Hooray!