Ok friends, I promised I would share why the last post contained such a long rant. For over a year I have subscribed to a political activism newsletter called “Care2 Action” which sends me frequent newsletters about situations I should be aware of and do something about. Specifically they are grassroots efforts that involve signing petitions or donating financially to healthy & green living causes, saving the environment, keeping animals from being abused, etc.

**If you are reading this and are shocked that a gal with conservative politics actually cares about these issues, well don’t be. We conservatives do care about our world and resources.**

Anyway, I’ve enjoyed the newsletters thus far, even if I don’t agree with all that they say, until I received this email yesterday:

Hi Joanna,

Every night Glenn Beck inflames the right-wing fringe with his extremist rhetoric against President Obama, but now you have a chance to call him out.

Tell Glenn Beck what you think of his hate speech >>

He’s called President Obama a “racist…with a deep-seated hatred for white people.” He’s compared health insurance reform to Nazi death camps during the Holocaust. He was the main promoter of the recent “9/12 rally” in Washington that featured vile hate speech against President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and the late Senator Ted Kennedy. Call him out! >>

Our grassroots action has a real impact. A few weeks ago, advertisers to Beck’s nightly cable news show started pulling their ads because hundreds of thousands of grassroots activists like you spoke out.

Since this is the make or break month for President Obama’s plan for health insurance reform, we have to keep fighting back against Beck and his extremist attacks >>

Thank you,
Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team

Ummmm…say what? Shouldn’t you be rallying people to fight world hunger or save rain forests? Or maybe, if you disagree with Glenn Beck, you should spend your time convincing people that his views are incorrect? Since when did a tv show host become “the evil” that we are fighting? Should conservatives spend their time and efforts denouncing Keith Olbermann? (Hope the answer to this is apparent: Hell no! What a waste!) Here’s what I wrote back to LiAnna and the Care2 team:


I have subscribed to Care2 for some time now because I genuinely care about many of the issues facing our world. Care2 has alerted me to some causes that I previously hadn’t had much awareness about. There is a lot of injustice out there–from starving children to people being forced into slavery, wildlife being destroyed, etc.

So in light of all those important, world-changing problems that I can care about and take action toward fixing, imagine how hard I laughed when I read this ridiculous email alerting me to “fight back against Glenn Beck and his extremist attacks.” Can you really be serious?

What’s more alarming, is that apparently I am a right-wing extremist because I disagree with many of President Obama’s political stances. And–shock of all shocks–I agree with some of Glenn Beck’s outrageous conservative political beliefs.

I’m very sorry that you chose to be so blatantly against a tv personality you happen to disagree with and are wasting my time with a petition against him. I am now unsubscribing to your email newsletters and will no longer support your organization.

Joanna C. Samples