If you have found this blog because of a flier you and/or your children received while trick-or-treating, welcome to SeeMamaRun! My name is Joanna. I am just your average mom who likes to hang out with her zany 1 year old, spend as much time as possible with her geeky husband, and obsessively take pictures to put in her scrapbooks.

Running has never really been my thing. I’m probably the slowest runner you know. But I decided to pursue running as a way to raise money to rebuild the West Side Park. Our community needs a safe place for our children to play. If you feel the same way, please head over to the Thomasboro Watch website to find out more or to donate to the cause.

To read more of my story, feel free to browse my past posts. You may want to begin at the beginning. Thanks so much for stopping by to learn more about SeeMamaRun!