Sunday. was. amazing.

The colors of the leaves, the slightly chilly air, the beautiful hedges and statues of Allerton–my run couldn’t have been more perfect! And run I did, the entire 2 miles. This is no small feat considering the tragic loss of exactly one month earlier.

Part of me didn’t want to run. The plan had been to run the 5.5 mile race pregnant, and on Sunday I had to face the painful truth that I was running the 2 mile race without my sweet baby. Another part of me knew that I just had to run. People were counting on me to do this. I was counting on me to do this. So I conjured up every ounce of motivation possible to get me started and keep me going. It also helped that two very handsome guys were cheering* me on!

*Actually, Toby was cheering me on and James was very confused as to why he had to be out in the middle of nowhere in the cold while crazy people ran and pretended to like it. But I like to think that James was cheering me on somewhere inside his one-and-a-half year old mind.

Ahem, anyway the most important part is that by 9am on Sunday, October 25th SeeMamaRun reached $1,700 in donations. With tears in my eyes, I say a big, sincere THANK YOU. Thank you for supporting me, thank you for supporting the West Side Park, and thank you for making our dreams of playground equipment possible. I can’t wait to unveil our plans for the new toddler area which will be installed in the coming Spring.

And I can’t wait to tell you my next undertaking for the park. Stay tuned!