The day is drawing near…running day. But I assure you, I look NOTHING like this picture above. The buff-ness of that woman astounds me. And the outfit, ohmygoodness, is definitely not what I’ll be wearing at the end of October in chilly Central Illinois. Do you think it will look weird if I wear a snowsuit to run the race? Ok, just checking.

Although, there is something to be said for wearing short shorts. In fact, my charming husband has a delightful theory about runners and shorts. It goes a little something like this:

The shorter the runner’s shorts are, the quicker he/she will finish the race.

It’s pretty much spot on. Every race I’ve ever seen (yeah, all 3 of them) have proven this theory true. The people like me who wear long pants and baggy t-shirts finish in the middle or near the end. The girls in cute and tasteful apparel finish with a bit better time. But the ones who make you question just how legal it is to appear in public so scantily clad, THOSE are the women that kick butt and win races. Lest I discriminate too harshly, it is the same for guys–the less they are wearing the faster they finish too. Only their apparel is not quite as obscene.

Is it just my husband and me, or have you noticed this trend too? Regardless of your opinion, if you happen to be at the Allerton Trail Run on Sunday, please feel free to test out this theory for yourself. Oh, and stop by and say hello if you get the chance.

Did I mention that SeeMamaRun has raised $1,656 for West Side Park? Well it has…so thank you for making this fund raising effort a huge success. Keep reading to find out how the big race goes.