On my other blog, I announced yesterday the recent death of our unborn baby. Last night we made a trip to the emergency room where I finished the labor and delivery of our precious child. He or she was alive inside my womb for about 9 weeks.

Molly Piper, who suffered the loss of a child just 2 years ago, had this to say on her blog:

So if you’re a mom like me, living without one (or more) of your children, take heart that this is indeed one of the hardest things you will ever live through. But that also means that you lived.

The lines around your eyes will deepen. But that also means you’ve seen. You’ve seen the chaos of pain. Your eyes have and will shed tears for people in their pain that you could’ve never understood before. This is a blessed gift.

Hold on with me. We’re gonna make it. We might not be the happy-go-lucky gals we used to be, but our lives here will tell stories of indescribable loss and the love of a God who made us to be exactly who we are—every line, every gray hair. None of it is wasted.