In a previous post I commented on how I would have a preggo belly during my run on October 25th. To my surprise, the belly fairy has already visited me. Oh joy. During my first pregnancy my body handled it all really nicely, you know, minus the whole morning sickness thing. My pre-pregnancy jeans fit until the fifth month of the pregnancy. My husband took pictures of my (non-existent) belly and we dreamed about the day I would start showing.

Fast forward 2 years. Now that Baby #2 is growing inside of me, my body has waved the white flag of surrender. Much like the cartoon drawing above, these days you can see me running down the street with my iPod, skinny arms and legs, and ginormous stomach. Ok, maybe it’s not as big as the drawing, but you get the picture.

Is running harder when your pregnant? Sure it is. Is running for our cause worth the extra effort? Absolutely. In fact, to date SeeMamaRun has raised $816 for West Side Park. I am in awe of that, I really am. And it is all thanks to YOU, the fabulous supporters who are my cheerleaders and my partners in making the community a better place. Thanks for all you do.

If you are reading this and have yet to make a donation, you can do so now at the Thomasboro Neighborhood Watch website. Every single penny goes to purchase playground equipment for the Thomasboro West Side Park. Thanks again from me, my children and the community of Thomasboro.