A second pregnancy is much different than a first. For example, with my first pregnancy I wasn’t showing until about 3 months along. As opposed to this pregnancy, where 6 weeks into being pregnant the beach ball tummy has already emerged. With my first pregnancy I felt fantastic for the first trimester, minus the increase in allergy/sinus issues. This time around I’m riding the nausea waves and feeling pretty miserable in addition to the aforementioned allergy/sinus issues.

Nonetheless, I’m exercising with my preggo neighbor and doing prenatal yoga. Oh, and I’m still doing that whole running 4 miles 3 times a week thing. If you live in my neighborhood, please don’t tell me how much I look like Santa Claus as I run by your house. No matter where you live, DO go check out the News-Gazette for the (almost) full page, color article about my See Mama Run effort. Thus far we’ve raised $250 for the West Side Park.

(In case you haven’t figured it out yet, the picture above is a beached whale.)