This morning I ran for 3 miles and then walked half a mile. Even though some zucchini muffins were taunting me in my kitchen. Impressive, yes? Sweet Baby James was still snoozing while his dad was getting ready for work. Have I told you that my dear husband could TOTALLY be a runner? He’s fast. He would probably be able to lap me about 5 times during this 5.5 mile run, if we were running in circles that is. Which reminds me of NASCAR…which makes me wonder why I didn’t pick a driving race instead of a running one.

Nonetheless, it seems that others in Champaign County want to See Mama Run. The Rantoul Press will be running my story on Wednesday (Aug 26th). If you can’t wait that long to see me and Sweet Baby James in print, then check out the News-Gazette on Tuesday (Aug 25th) in section C or D for the article by Jodi Heckel. The West Side Park is on Little Blog on the Prairie‘s mind right now. Even Jesica in Montana is showing her support for the cause!

How about you? Do YOU want to See Mama Run?