I just launched a new blog called See Mama Run. This is an effort to raise money for playground equipment at our local park. See those swings in the picture above? That is the only piece of equipment we have. Pretty lame, huh?

Our children deserve more than a rusty set of swings! Please check out my blog to read more about my commitment to run 5.5 miles in October. I need you, dear readers, to do one or more of the following things:

  • Contribute financially–even $1/mile will be a big help!
  • Become a supporter of my See Mama Run blog–you can log in on the left hand side to do this.
  • Tell everyone you know to visit my blog–the more visits the site receives the more donations West Side Park will receive and *hopefully* some advertisers will contribute too!

If anyone reading this has any contacts in the local media and is willing to help me get their attention (like the News-Gazette, WCIA3, etc.) please let me know!

Thanks for supporting me. It means more to me than you could ever know.