Originally, my goal was to run a half marathon to raise money for West Side Park (because I’m insane, remember?). But last week I got a huge surprise: I’m expecting baby number two. Having trained all year to run, my doctor is giving me the go-ahead to run the race, but as I’ve said before I’m just running 5.5 miles. Really, isn’t 5.5 miles crazy enough?

I suppose in October that jiggly pregnancy belly will look pretty ridiculous. But even when there is a moment of doubt about running the race, my mind drifts back to these rusty swings at the West Side Park.

Looks a bit like something out of a horror movie, no? And it’s all the worse that they are the only piece of playground equipment. In the picture below, Sweet Baby James’ face seems to capture my feelings about the lack of things to do at the park.

If you are in the Thomasboro area, please join me at the Thomasboro National Night Out event this Wednesday (August 19th) from 4pm-9pm at West Side Park. It is hosted by the local police department and by the Thomasboro Neighborhood Watch Group. I’d love to chat with you about our fund raising efforts. AND I’ll have a bubble machine. What’s not to love about that?